The Truth About Etiquette
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    As Seen in The Knot Magazine

    1.  Following etiquette when you are creating your wedding invitation wording does not cost any more. It's free, so do it right.
    2.  Registry information on or in your wedding invitation is NOT appropriate.  It never has been, regardless if you have seen it in other invitations you have personally received.    
    3.  RSVP'ing on line is not etiquette for wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are formal. Online responses are not.
    4.  Using an RSVP postcard is not etiquette for wedding invitations. A formal invitation comes with an RSVP card and envelope, which is self-addressed and pre-stamped. Keep in mind, there is little savings when choosing an RSVP postcard over a traditional rsvp card and envelope. First printing is required on both sides of the card instead of just one side, so there is no print cost savings and envelopes are already included in your RSVP set, so there is very minimal cost savings for sparing the envelope.  Also, keep in mind although postage is less, postcard postage is not first class mail.  If the rsvp postcard is lost in the mail, it will not get forwarded back to you.
    5. For those of you who are "green" and feel like you are using less paper, consider this... if you are truly green and you live your everyday life green, your wedding day is one day when it is acceptable to splurge a bit and follow formalities and etiquette.
    Finally, remember this is the one time in your life when you can be the most formal and you should take advantage of this opportunity.  Even if you are having a casual wedding, following etiquette gets the recipient of your wedding invitation excited about attending this very special event.
    Definitely Debra follows traditional etiquette formalities when guiding their brides through their paper process for their wedding day.  Have a question, Debra is always happy to help.  Submit your questions through Facebook.

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