How to make hair thicker: the best tips

How to make hair thicker: the best tips

Are you looking for ways to make your hair thicker? You’re not alone – many people struggle with thin, lifeless hair. But the good news is that you can do a few simple things to help thicken up your locks. This blog post will share some of the best tips for making hair thicker.

Review your diet

Hair is made up of 80% keratin protein. The other 20% is made of water, pigments, minerals, and lipids. So, we need to eat foods with proteins, vitamins, and essential trace elements: green leafy vegetables, fruits, oily sea fish, liver, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and eggs. A diet to make hair stronger eliminates fast food and refined foods. Cooking methods should also be gentle: boiling in water or steaming and baking.

Take a vitamin complex

Some special preparations contain biotin, vitamins A, C, B5, iron, zinc, sulfur, and silicon. These things can affect how thick your hair is. However, we cannot recommend any particular manufacturers because it is more likely that a specialist who communicates with you will be able to choose the right vitamins and suggest the frequency of repetition of the treatment course to make your hair thicker.

thicken up your locks

Go to a good hairdresser

A good haircut can make your hair look thicker. The right choice of length and layering will give extra volume. Also, don’t be afraid to try new technologies: thinning and texturizing – they will also help create the illusion of thick hair.

Do not wash your hair too often

Washing your hair wrong is expected, so we have to talk about it. According to statistics that stylists and hairdressers share, their clients use hot water for washing, do not wet their hair too thoroughly, do not dilute shampoo in water, twist washed hair too much, keep it in a turban for more than 10 minutes, and also comb, go outside or go to bed without drying their head.

Change your combs

Try running them across your palm and wrist. If the skin feels the slightest discomfort or pain, and even more so if pink marks remain on it, it signals to use a more gentle comb. However, you shouldn’t go to the other extreme either – you don’t need to buy an expensive brush with soft natural bristles that only stroke but do not comb through. After all, a good comb is needed for various purposes, including massage.

Get a massage

There is a “hundred-comb rule” for people who can be patient. To do this, you run the comb through your hair one hundred times in different directions – from the forehead to the back of the head, from the right ear to the left ear, from left to right, and so on. If you are not patient, only comb your hair a little bit. Also, massage your scalp with your fingers using different strokes. It will help blood flow to your hair follicles and get the necessary nutrients.