Winter hand care tips

Winter hand care tips

If you’re like most people, your hands take a beating during the winter months. The cold weather and dry air can make them rough, irritated, and even painful. But don’t despair! You can do plenty of things to keep your hands healthy and comfortable all season long. Here are some winter hand-care tips to help you get started.

A thicker consistency of care products

You should use a thicker, oilier, and more saturated cream. It is also good if the cream has vitamins A and E. This kind of cream will nourish your skin and keep it moisturized. In freezing weather, you can use a balm instead since it takes longer to absorb but does a better job protecting your skin from the cold.

More complex procedures

In summer, you can use the cream on your hands 1-2 times daily. It is enough if you don’t take sea baths. But in winter, it is best to use the cream every time after that. How do you wash your hands? It prevents the skin from losing moisture.

Once a week, apply scrub to the skin of your hands. It will make your hands softer and more elastic. It is easy to prepare a scrub at home. You need to mix coarse sea salt or granulated sugar with honey. Even easier is to wash your hands along with the coffee grounds left in the coffee maker.

Use more oil

You can buy special oil to take care of your nails in the winter. You only need one drop for one hand. Put the drop on your five nails and rub it using small circles. It will help keep your cuticles moist and prevent hangnails from forming. You can also use any vegetable oil, like olive or linseed oil.

Hand masks

Using ingredients like honey, oatmeal, yogurt, or avocado, you can make a mask at home. These will help to nourish and moisturize your skin. You can also buy unique masks that are designed for winter hand care. Apply the mask to your hands and leave it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

Wear gloves

It is probably the most important winter hand care tip of all! Wherever you go outside, make sure to wear gloves. They will protect your hands from the cold weather and help prevent them from drying out. Also, if you’re going to be doing something that requires a lot of manual dexterity, like shoveling snow or ice skating, be sure to wear gloves that fit well and allow you to move your fingers freely.

nourish your skin

What not to do in the cold season

In winter, avoiding contact with chemicals that can dry out your skin is essential. It includes things like detergents, soaps, and cleaning solutions. If you must wear them, be sure to wear gloves. And when you’re finished, apply a generous amount of hand cream to help restore moisture to your skin.

It’s also important to avoid excessive hand-washing. It can strip away the natural oils that protect your skin and leave your hands feeling dry and irritated. If you must wash your hands frequently, use a mild soap and follow up with a good hand cream.

Do not put your hands under hot water to warm them up. It makes your blood vessels weak, and your skin tone will not look good. A better way is to take a bath with lukewarm water and some sea salt.

In winter, the cuticle becomes drier and weaker. It means there are better times to have a manicure with a cut. It is better to apply a fat cream or oil on the cuticle and then, using a wooden stick with a rounded end, push the cuticle away from the nail without putting too much pressure on it.

Take care of your hands today, and they’ll thank you for it tomorrow! Following these simple tips, you can keep your hands healthy and happy all winter.